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Filling and aluminum foil sealing machine

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This machine introduces the foreign filling technology, unit filling, aluminum foil cover forming, sealing in one machine.It`s widely used for food and pharmaceutical package, especially it`s an ideal equipment for various plastic bottle package and seal in milk packages, removing foam and high effective sealing finished products.It reasonably adopts the double-slope cover-punching technology and largely developed the foil usage.It adopts the integral motor design and the first-rate driving, so the running is steady and flat.

Technical Parameter
Model LBF-12 LBF-16 LBF-24
Filling quantity 12 16 24
Production capacity(B/min) 5000 6000 10000
Bottle high(MM) 120-170
 Bottle diameter(MM) 50-65
Filling capability(ML) 220-500
 Filling volume 500\1.5
Power(KW) 2.7 3.3 8.2
Size(MM) 6000x1200x1800 6200x1300x1900 5000x1800x2200
Weight(KG) 2000 2000 1600