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Reverse osmosis purification system for pure water

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This system adopts stainless steel sand filter, active carbon filter effectively to remove big impure particles and suspending matters, improve RO membrane water inputting index, effectively remove the smell and rest chlorine of the original water, and improve the taste of water quality. The main machine adopts American high effective low-pressure compound film, with single film salt removing degree up to 99%.The high low-pressure protection imported form Korea ensures the breakdown low to 0%, with the outputting water up to national pure water standard.RO system (including: raw water pump, sand filter, active carbon filter, chemical doser, water softener, micro filter, reverse osmosis system, back washing system, sterilization , water tank and fittings).

Technical parameter

Model RO-1000 RO-3000 RO-5000 RO-10000

Process capacity(t/h) 1000 3000 500 10000

Resource water pump model CHL2-40 CHL8-40 CHL8-50 CHL16-40

Mechanic filter 400×1500 600×1500 800×1500 1200×1500

Active carbon adsorber 400×1500 600×1500 800×1500 1200×1500

Medicine adding equipment Measuring pump American P026


adding box 40L PEBUcket

Concise filter Filter core spec fication 65×500 65×750 65×750 65×750

Filter core number 5 5 7 7

Anfi-filterationequipment(including high pressure pump, RO film, film shell, controlling box, pressure applicance, flow appilcace, high-low pressure switch etc.)

Ro cleanigequipment(including cleaning pump and cleaning box etc.)


(anit-filteration part) Length 2600 2600 2600 3600

Width 700 700 900 900

Height 1900 2000 2000 2000